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PayNow is the most popular bank transfer payment method in Singapore.

Let's talk about PayNow

PayNow is the national payment method of Singapore using peer-to-peer funds transfer service. Since the COVID-19, cashless local payment methods have increased adoption. PayNow in Singapore has crossed the $20 billion mark in just six months. Transactions have doubled since the pandemic, and 75% of Singapore merchants are now using PayNow or SGQR for their business.

WooCommerce SMB merchants now get more with PayNow

How PayNow transforms cashless payments

  • Payments are processed either via QR code or Unique Entity Number (UEN)

  • Singapore residents use it in their daily lives - from online shopping to buying a drink from a neighborhood coffee shop stall

  • Small and medium businesses benefit from secure and instant payments

  • Non-credit-based payments, greatly reducing chargebacks

  • A total of 17 participating banks in Singapore accept PayNow

Choose the right platform for your payments

While there are many payment gateways, choose the one that suits your need and goals

XanPay is suitable for SMBs and brands, who want to:

  • Grow their Singapore market presence

  • Expand across other Asia countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and more

  • Increase revenue by getting one of the lowest transaction fees offered in the market

  • Avoid any fixed annual and setup fees

  • Ensure seamless processing of high volume microtransactions every day

  • Offer non-credit-based local payment methods in various countries

  • Greatly reduce chargebacks and control refunds

  • Easy, no code PayNow integration

XanPay's pricing breakdown

Take the advantage of low fees to grow your business

Credit card gateways


Initial cost

Fixed setup fees Fixed annual fees

No setup fees No annual fees

Currency conversion


No conversion fees

FX rate

Depends by respective credit card schemes

Mid-market rate

Local transaction cost



Overseas transaction cost



Payment methods

Credit card networks

Local payment methods

Small and medium businesses stand to benefit the most

With PayNow, SMBs can now perform their business transactions more efficiently and hassle-free

  • Instant payments directly to their bank accounts

  • Reduce chargebacks

  • No more reliance on credit card networks

  • No need to be subjected to high credit card fees

  • The most adopted local payment methods by Singaporeans and resident

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